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 Course Overview – Video Narrative

Hello and welcome to my TreeHouse office in Bozeman, Montana. Before we get into the details of this course, Stress Mastery is Self-mastery, I’d like to briefly cover “the basics.”

Stress has been part of life since life first showed up on earth. Well, actually, stress was here even before life was, with all the forces of creation slamming together to create a planet before the Planet could support life, as we know it.

So, the emphasis of this class is to use many of the different fields of energy around us to create and maintain a state of equanimity in our mind and body. That is, a state of dynamic balance, with the ability to master ourselves rather than have a situation master us. By becoming more aware of the energies present in our world, and to harmonize our relationship with them, we harness them to help us perform right action. I define right action as striving for the greatest good for all. Through right action, we master stress.

Quite ambitious, yes? Yet possible.

With my background in the martial arts, yoga, meditation, human energy studies, ceremony with indigenous spiritual leaders and shamans, as well as living in the day-to-day of the U.S.A., I’ve developed this course to help us use all the myriad energies available to us so that stress does not overwhelm us. Rather, we use stress to become much more than we would without it, mastering it in ways that allow us to master ourselves. I define self-mastery as being in a dynamic balance of right thought and action, regardless of the situation.

Because our bodies come from the energies of the Planet, and it is through our bodies we experience stress and show it the most, I use a strong earth-based connection to help us master whatever life throws at us. The result: we become appropriately energized, healthy, happy and expressive.

So, this course will use proven techniques to help master stress. For example, meditation and creating a meditation space, creative visualization, ritual, modern science, and, most importantly, the body’s natural energy flow and energy field. This rich compilation of tools, as well as my thirty plus years of relevant experience, will help you develop capacities for optimal and ongoing personal evolution.

Modern stress shuts us off from many of the energies that could help us master it, energies that make us human. This is why stress and anxiety can be so insidious. They can rob us our humanity.

As one of my teachers, Jack Schwarz, was fond of saying: “No involvement, no evolvement.” Right action is key to stress mastery. Right action is inherent in Self-mastery. Self-mastery gives us permission to follow our personal mission.

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