Julius V~Warrior Pope: Vengeance in Vegas

Julius V Warrior Pope Image

This action adventure and romantic comedy is set ever so slightly in the future. It pits the Vatican’s popular, fun love and charismatic “warrior pope” against the Vatican’s greatest enemy. It is based on my award-winning comedy screenplay of the same name. A sequel is in the works.

After Pope Julius V’s prized possession is stolen, he is forced to abandon his carefree papal existence. With an unlikely group of ex-Vatican guards, Julius takes on a demented criminal mastermind and his group of martial artist nuns, and chases them across countries and oceans. But the closer Julius gets to recovering his treasure, the closer he gets to his past. Either can unravel everything, including the papacy and the Catholic Church. Failure could mean creating earth in heaven, which may be worse than hell on earth.

Please note – This comedy does not condone any of the very real transgressions the Catholic Church has committed, nor does it disavow the suffering caused. Nor does one have to be Catholic to appreciate its humor. The story does borrow heavily from history and prophecy, however. For example, Pope Julius II is known as the Warrior Pope, because he led armies into battle. And Napoleon really did loot the Vatican twice; it’s largely how he paid for many of his exploits. Plus, the current site of The Vatican was the location of the Circus of Nero and the Circus of Caligula, so all sorts of weird stuff went on then and there.

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Reader Reviews
“An intelligent, irreverent comedy, a classic of original humor and subtle innuendo.” SJ
“Completely entertaining!” RB
“Fast moving and funny! Brilliantly written.” DL
“One unforgettable adventure, which captivates the reader from beginning to end.” JS
“Julius V is exactly the kind of hero we crave.” ELM
“The plot is brilliantly conceived and audaciously carried out.” Judy   (Note* This reader is a former Catholic nun…really!)

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