Petrichor   According to my understanding of Buddhist tradition, the human mind is incapable of understanding the Great Originating Mystery, so Buddhists don’t spend time contemplating it. It may be that the human mind cannot fathom human existence on this singularly beautiful planet, as well. So, the reason as to why we are here may … Read more

The Jaglavak

The Jaglavak   In the African country of Cameroon, the Mofu people survive a harsh life by planting millet, their main food crop. The success of the crop depends upon timely rains and the people’s tribute to their ancestors. Without either, their seeds and crops may be devoured by black ants and termites, which can … Read more

Our Coming of Age Age

Our Coming of Age Age   “Late in the night, I seemed to commune with entities of pure thought, beaming a message at me. Their words hovered in my mind, then scattered away. I retrieved my notebook and scrawled them down before they vanished from my memory. ‘You go deeper into the Physical to get … Read more

One Ring to Rule Them All

One Ring to Rule Them All What is the art and science behind power objects? From where does their power come? How much power do you need to create one? How much power do you need to “control” one? The world of symbolism and mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is as magical … Read more

A Little Girl Shapes the Planet

A little girl shapes the planet by Steve Guettermann©   Considering the demands intense human desires and needs place on the Planet, I feel we have to ask and answer an essential and existential question: “How can we live and enjoy life without squeezing the world out of shape, in other words, without making the … Read more

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