Here is a sample of published articles that cover a variety of topics related to our marvelous and magical co-created universe.

A Little Girl Shapes the Planet- One answer to an essential and existential question.  Download A Little Girl Shapes the Planet

Read One Ring to Rule All – The art and science behind power objects.  Download One Ring to Rule All

Our Coming of Age Age – If we can effectively and compassionately manifest on the earth plane the joy and freedom awaiting us in more etheric realms must truly be remarkable.  Download Our Coming of Age Age  

Petrichor – Teachings on connecting petrichor’s Nature’s purity to your life.  Download Petrichor 

The Jaglavak – An article on sacred reciprocity.  Download The Jaglavak  


These videos cover a range of current topics, as well as how we can better use underused natural energies and phenomena to adapt to our changing world.

1. Magic is Being Forced Upon Us –

2. Dew Treading for Chakra Balancing – Tread “lightly,” my friends!

3. The Myth of Potential

4. A Little Girl Shapes the Planet

5. Ceremonial Charisma

6. How to Breathe Deeply ~ for Fun and Prana!

7. Eden, the Apple and Cultural Appropriation

8. Book Intro: How to Get Even with the Universe By Getting Right

9. Smudging

10. Earth Day Apacheta

11. Hollywood, the Hero and You

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