Steve Guettermann

Steve Guettermann
Meditation & Human Energy Teacher

Hello! I’m Steve Guettermann. I’ve been a meditation teacher, martial artist and personal development mentor since 1985. During that time, I’ve seen that what gets in the way of many people’s success and fulfillment is the excessive stress of modern life.

A healthy lifestyle can reduce some of the nastiness of excessive stress, but there is something else much more central to our well-being: stress mastery.

There are two things central to obtaining stress mastery. The first is taking right action. Nothing reduces stress like taking right action!

The second is to increase the quality and quantity of energy available to us, making right action more possible.

I work with people a lot in these two areas. Through stress mastery people often gain self-mastery. Life is the practice through which we gain that mastery.

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Stress Mastery & Spiritual Adventure

Not your Grandmother’s Stress…

Opportunity and challenge seem to be the themes of our time. We all seem to be pushed and pulled in at least several directions at once. According to Heidi Hanna, executive director of the American Institute of Stress, stress is different today than even a few years ago because of its non-stop intensity from so many directions at once.

Fortunately, we have more choices than we have challenges. But, if we don’t feel well, we usually don’t think well. If we don’t think well, we can make poor choices. Both the thought and results of poor choices can increase anxiety.

Most people want to make good choices. The best choices are those that uplift and support our health, that is our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of well-being.

But what does Stress Mastery have to do with Spiritual Adventure?


I look at it like this.

  1. Stress is a catalyst for right action.
  2. Mastery is our goal
  3. Spiritual knowing leads us to our life’s true purpose
  4. Adventure brings fulfillment and joy through enlightened choice and action

So how do we make good choices?  Read More

My teachers

Despite their diverse backgrounds, my teachers have many things in common. The most profound is the practical and compassionate application of their wisdom and knowledge.

So, I’d like to share some of their favorite sayings with you.

Jack Schwarz was fond of saying, “A lower energy cannot penetrate a higher energy.

Wallace Black Elk said, “We come to the sweat lodge for health, help and happiness.”

Lakota spiritual leader Jim Miller, often a man of few words, gave this insight. “What you call science, I call magic. What you call magic, I call science.”

And Peruvian shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada, usually a man of many words, got to the heart of the matter when he said, “The longest journey we’ll ever embark upon is from the heart to the head. That means being unable to constantly analyze and interpret and categorize and seek to control the events in our life, but rather to approach life with trust in the Great Originating Mystery. Yet equal in importance is that return journey, from head to heart. For it is in that return journey when we realize that coming back fully aware of our purpose is where the medicine really lies.”

My promise to you is very much like the unspoken ones these exceptional people made to me: help you experience a life of joy, expression and magic, and hold a dynamic and peaceful balance for yourself and others in this time and place of relatively shaky, shifting ground.

This is spiritual adventure with a purpose.

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Steve Guettermann

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